Hannah Ellen

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I'm Hannah, a creative creature with love for coffee, books, autumn rain, mindfulness, yummie breakfasts and psychology.


things about me:

✎ i love nature, moomins, autumn and coffee
✎ i study writing and psychology.
✎ minimalist
✎ vegan + gluten free
✎ 22 years on earth
✎ living in malmö, sweden
✎ love to draw, take photographs and write

about the website: 

cafévärld - här skriver jag om:

✎ veganmat
✎ cafébesök
✎ stil
✎ tankar och vardagsfilosofier
✎ böcker
✎pms, oro och ångest


on this page you'll find all of the recipes shown from my blog and instagram - and more! are you in need of a lovely nutritious recipe for tomorrows breakfast? are you hungry for a raw dessert? or a lovely winter walnut salad, maybe? or maybe you don't know - but want some inspiration? head over to the 'recipe' page!

mindful mornings:

for you international readers: this is your little go-to-guide on mindfulness, happiness and all over inspiration on living a more mindful life, filled with coziness and happiness, self-love and strength.

the green guide:

This is a guide over my favorite places in Sweden - all of them either vegan, organic, or both. Most of them are in Malmö but here you can also find spots around Stockholm, Gothenburg, Lund, Halmstad and Copenhagen (Denmark). I hope this is a start of something big, because I really get so frustrated when i find that most guides are focusing on luxury and consuming rather than green and good. Follow @thisgreenguide on instagram for more.