This Green Guide.

- gröna guiden - 

This is a guide over my favourite places in Sweden. You'll find parks, cafés, stores and more, all of them with vegan or organic options or both. Most of them are in Malmö but here you can also find spots around Stockholm, Gothenburg, Lund, Halmstad and Copenhagen (Denmark) as well. I hope this is a start of something big, because I get so frustrated when most guides are focusing on luxury and consuming rather than green and good. Good is, according to me green, second hand, vegan and/ or loving-earth. I hope you guys will get inspired to enjoy more vegan and green after visiting this guide! 

The hashtag is #thisgreenguide and you can find me on instagram as @thisgreenguide. I will soon fill this page with more spots for you and a online magazine is also coming up very soon. Be sure to follow me on instagram for more updates on green places.

If you have a place you'd like to recommend, contact me on instagram or by email, use the contact-page in the menu above.
Lots of love from me to you!  / Hannah Ellen 


Malmö | This is my absolute favorite hangout in Malmö. Good coffee, good vibe, good music and lots and lots of vegan options. They're open from 9am which means that they have every-day breakfasts. It's such a good place to study to! And on weekend they have a really popular brunch. Don't miss out!

Lotta Love

Malmö | Who doesn't love a good Açaí bowl? At Lotta Love, located at Davidshall in Malmö you can find the best smoothie bowls I've ever tasted, with peanut butter coconut and fresh berries. YUM! They also have ginger shots, kombucha and more. 

Kajgatan 34

Lomma | Kajgatan 34 is located just by the sea in Lomma. They are focusing on organic and local products and have a lovely vegan sallad with hummus and roasted nuts that i always order. Also, their coffee has 100% fairtraide beans. 


Malmö | S:t knut is the home of a lot of cozy places to hang out. And also, this neighborhood is actually also one of the most dog-welcoming places! For example, at Uggla Kaffebar and Mineral you are more than welcome to bring your pet inside while having your every day cup of coffee. At Uggla Kaffebar you can sit in a 50s inspired room sipping on a oaty cappuccino and eat a crucnchy vegan sandwich or maybe something else of their eco-friendly menu, filled with green options.

Noir Kaffekultur

Malmö | This lovely little Café in Gamla Väster, Malmö is probably the coziest place for a breakfast in my town. Its quite tiny, with a french vibe and a lovely outdoor seating. Their smoothies and juices are always vegan, they have a lovely combo of rye bread + avocado and a lot of cakes and cookies, some of them vegan. Most famous is their coffee, which made them featured in White Guide this year. Don't miss out on this lovely place!

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