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turmeric is an excellent source of both b-vitamins and other vitamins such as iron, calcium, magnesium and vitamin c. and the fact that this porridge is topped with blueberries also has its advantages! blueberries contains namely a whole lot of great things for the vitamin junkie that i now have become. above all, the berry is rich in b-vitamins, vitamin c, calcium, phosphorus, and more.

this is wat you'll need:

- 1 dl melt (flakes)
- 3 dl oat milk
- nuts, preferably almonds and hazelnuts
- fozen blueberries
- a teaspoon turmeric
- a teaspoon cinnamon
- a pinch of seasalt
- sesame seeds

this is how you do it:

- boil a deciliter millet flakes along with two deciliter oat milk + one deciliter water (or more if needed).
- add a half teaspoon turmeric + half a teaspoon of cinnamon + a pinch of seasalt
- cook for five minutes until the porridge is creamy
- top with banana, chopped nuts, sesame seeds and blueberries